Belinda moves just as confidently in a business look as in a wetsuit. She has many years of management experience and has launched various medical products in the past. Sport has always played a central role in her life, whether it be beach volleyball, climbing, diving, surfing or snowboarding, she is in her element and knows the central role of good sun protection.


Michael fits into a suit, but it would be an exaggeration to say that it also suits him. He emigrated in 2017 to live by the sea and be able to surf every day. Today he lives in Austria, is a book author, trainer for surf instructors, teacher, surfer and yogi in one person and he knows the importance of reliable sun protection from his travels and through his job.

Bea and Michael met while surfing in Portugal. The idea of ​​contributing to sun protection for athletes arose a few months later at the Azores. This was followed by brainstorming, work on the recipe and design, and the Suenyo foundation in February 2021.